greek sausages - greek loukaniko


History and flavor of the sausages

Since 1970 and until today MOYTEVELIS family has been committed to offer the Greek market a complete line of traditional country sausages of high quality and precious flavor.
Our family small business, since its dawning from our home town KALAMATA, produce, with the same authentic and traditional way, for more than 40 years, hand-made country sausages.

Our Values

Moutevelis family business has from the start of his foundation until today, been committed to the following three objectives and main family values:

  • The adherence and devotion in the maintenance of traditional recipes since 1970
  • The experience and the zeal for creation of traditional products with prime flavor
  • The choice of the most excellent quality of raw ingredients, natural seasonings and spices
Our sausages are prepared with the best and most carefully selected fresh pork and beef meat pieces, with 100% natural seasonings and spices, prime red wine, and other fresh ingredients like orange and leek following the tradition and the recipes of our grandfathers. Our sausages are smoked in the traditional way, in beech wood species, so as to give the savor, taste and flavor of an authentic and home-made final product.


iso-tuvThe company operates a certified management system for food safety in accordance with the standard EN ISO 22000:2005 for all stages of production, packing, storage and distribution of products

Our Products

  • Small-bite sausages
    Small temptations, big enjoyments! Light flavor ideal for all hours around the day, for titbits, feasts, and parties.